Calculate Aspect Ratio

Aspect Ratios in Video and Photo

Aspect ratios are well explained and seen in the art of photography.

Pictures use, depending on the medium, specific aspect ratios that can equally be changed when cropping them.

Most digital cameras give you the option of adjusting the aspect ratio using the camera’s menu.

Photo Aspect Ratio

The same applies when calculating aspect ratios for compressing files for your digital video.

You have to consider the shape and size of the medium when making your aspect ratio calculations.

But mostly, 16:9 is the common aspect ratio for videos. The aspect ratio of 16:9 makes it easier to move an element for your videos between projects and from place to place.

How you will use a photo determines its aspect ratio. For instance, a medium such as Instagram only allows pictures with a one to one ratio (1:1).

Meaning only squared images are allowed by the said medium. So, when using this ratio calculator, consider medium’s constraints of size. wrote about our service and you can read the review online.